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i was invited to “model” some sunglasses this past weekend for one of my favorite publications – wstrncv. i tried on a pretty cool pair from john varvatos that would be a welcome addition to my poker sunglasses arsenal. i also tried on some barton perreira’s that looked like malcolm x glasses. in fact, and […]

one of the more difficult lessons i have learned over the years is that going into business with people and/or working with/for people seems to rarely pay off in the “feelgood” kind of way. when it comes to business most people tend to err on the side of selfishness and greed. it’s usually short sighted […]

coma rehearsals are underway and that’s the view of my current rig. as a proud owner of 2 ampeg 8×10 cabs it’s tough to admit that i have a new love as far as speakers go. it’s an aguilar 4×10 top with 1×15 low. love love love the extra fatness on the low tones – […]

most movies completely suck these days…right? because of this fact i stream all my movies online just cos it’s bullshit paying for this shit…which is exactly what the motion picture association asks the consumer to do – pay high prices for zero quality. anyway, the apes movie was pretty decent given the competition. if you […]

I had to log in to linkedin (not a big part of my web identity for some reason) today and actually read a good article that ended up in a 60 minute rabbit hole adventure. It had to do with quick response codes of which i happen to be a big fan of even though […]

i was just talking about the irig the other day so here’s a pic of me actually rehearsing with it. i was sitting on my friends couch with just my bass headphones and phone and i was totally jammin (quietly) in my own world. it was great. you will note that i’m sitting on planks […]

one of my good friends in the inner circle of bass players whose name shall be referred to only by the initials DTM got me hooked on this puppy. the iRig is awesome. it’s really a stripped down version of the tascam mp-gt1 which i’m already a big fan of. what makes the iRig so […]

guess where i spent my friday night -not just a little tiny bit of my friday night but ALL of my friday night. answer: at the olive view medical center emergency room. remember that sciatic nerve damage i was talking about a few posts ago – well, the pain in my ass and leg finally […]

the story goes like this – a couple months ago i was at my friend’s house warming party (in the hills overlooking the republic of silver lake). it was there where i had the unexpected pleasure of meeting one julie brown aka downtown julie brown. needless to say we hit it off. she’s a true […]

a couple weeks ago we had our first rehearsals for coma. forget the fact that they were flat out amazing — this band is going to destroy everything in it’s path. more on that in upcoming posts though. let’s get to the tech stuff that only bass players are going to geek out at with […]

i had the unlucky pleasure to hurt myself a month ago while at the gym. this was only the second ever sports related injury i have every had. here’s a view of my spine after i crawled into the chiropractic school to get an x-ray. thank god it wasnt anything that you could see in […]

without a doubt kill city makes the best jeans i have ever tried on. i have a penchant for tight black jeans and these are the best around – feel and fit perfectly. i own 5 pair and it’s pretty much the only brand i wear. the world’s best kept secret. do you own a […]