mobile rehearsing in action

i was just talking about the irig the other day so here’s a pic of me actually rehearsing with it. i was sitting on my friends couch with just my bass headphones and phone and i was totally jammin (quietly) in my own world. it was great. you will note that i’m sitting on planks of wood because it makes my ass feel better as a result of that nasty sciatic nerve damage that i’m working on. soft couches that you sink into are not my friend right now…normally yes but now…no. the 67 vox bass is the best thing i have as far as an easy to travel with bass. it’s small light and i don’t even put it in a case sometimes. i don’t ever use it to play live with although it did make the first west indian girl record…the distorted end section of the song “dream” was played with this bass. it’s got flat wounds on it too in case you were wondering – it also has a built in g-tuner and distortion switch – yes this bass is italian and unique. it’s a sentimental favorite of mine…i got it in the attic part of tucson joe’s in arizona.