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universal pain ASSessment tool

hurts no good

guess where i spent my friday night -not just a little tiny bit of my friday night but ALL of my friday night. answer: at the olive view medical center emergency room. remember that sciatic nerve damage i was talking about a few posts ago – well, the pain in my ass and leg finally hit such new highs that i pretty much had no choice but to see seek drugs and an mri. after a 7 hour wait i walked out with a rx for a steroid (to reduce the inflammation around the nerve) and vicodin to reduce the pain but no mri.

i’m not really into narcotics but i can see why lots of people love vicodin – i’ve been taking half doses and still waking up super groggy. groggy slows down an already busy schedule so i’m not super psyched about the mound of pills i have on my counter although i have plenty of friends that would be.  before i saw the dr on call i had to meet/chat with 3 different nurses to describe the pain i was feeling. i found it helpful that the UPA TOOL aka wong baker facial grimace scale (pictured) was at my disposal in every room. after careful study i felt i wasnt being over dramatic and can confidently say im a 9  —  technically  i’m a 10 sans tears. i’m just crying on the inside.

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