bass gear for tech heads 2: the iRig

one of my good friends in the inner circle of bass players whose name shall be referred to only by the initials DTM got me hooked on this puppy. the iRig is awesome. it’s really a stripped down version of the tascam mp-gt1 which i’m already a big fan of. what makes the iRig so nice is that it’s convenient – one less piece of gear to roll around with. you can rehearse a whole set on your own, anytime, anywhere with just a bass, headphones, the little connector and a cable. you can also rehearse in a very loud studio without bothering anyone cos you become a little self contained studio. it’s got tons of fx and crap like that on it but i purely use it to jam along with songs in the playlist function (you can load songs into it from your phone). the tuner is good too. i whole heartedly endorse this product.the it will keep you sharp and well rehearsed. what would make this even better is if i had a small bass to go with it….there is such a thing as a Ubass which i will get to in a later post.

4 thoughts on “bass gear for tech heads 2: the iRig

  1. Sue Lott says:

    Do I have to use my phone with it? I mean, your photo doesn’t show me your phone. But all the info about it says you need your phone? What’s up with that?


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