bass gear for tech heads

Hipshot BT2 Bass Xtender

a couple weeks ago we had our first rehearsals for coma. forget the fact that they were flat out amazing — this band is going to destroy everything in it’s path. more on that in upcoming posts though. let’s get to the tech stuff that only bass players are going to geek out at with me.

the hipshot bass xtender…wow where have you been all my life? this tuning peg replaces your E string tuner and allows you with the flick of a little lever to immediately drop tune. fucking awesome. for coma i’m dropping from a D to a C and now, instead of having to quickly tune with a tuner, i just move that lever down towards the ground and i’m there. it’s a wonderful thing and will give any bass player an instant boner.

thank you rick torres (supreme beings of leisure – english beat) for cluing me in on this as well as setting up my bass. you, my friend…are the mf’n man.

8 thoughts on “bass gear for tech heads

  1. francis ten says:

    trust me…this is great and it stays in tune all the time…plus they make them specifically for your make and model —

    yes only only step — that low B is pretty tough sue – i like it – gonna try and see how floppy things get….like sleeve of wizard’s robe

  2. Sue Lott says:

    Three things:

    1.) I was REALLY excited to see this thing! Then I asked Phil about it and he shook his head and told me not to get one. Apparently, Matty O used to have one and it he had trouble with it staying in tune. Not reliable. Bad. Uh-uh.

    2.) Also, I always play on a low D, and one of our songs drops to a B. Apparently this thing can only do a step? THAT’S CRAP.

    3.) Ha. C. Big girl’s blouse. Pfft. You want low, do B. But have a change of pants handy.

  3. Sue Lott says:

    Lame. C? Try B. And get Depends.
    I’m getting one of these little bastards.

  4. francis ten says:

    yeah C is a beautiful thing isnt it – my old p bass couldnt really take duning down to C well…my music man does. gonna have to put a pic up

  5. Brian Wilson says:

    Wow. I think you just made my day, Fran. My new project has me in C. I’m going to check this out for sure.


  6. francis ten says:

    so nice to see mr nick perri checking in. for anyone interested, he was a convert to the drop tuners waaaay before me. thanks for reading nick!

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