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i was invited to “model” some sunglasses this past weekend for one of my favorite publications – wstrncv. i tried on a pretty cool pair from john varvatos that would be a welcome addition to my poker sunglasses arsenal. i also tried on some barton perreira’s that looked like malcolm x glasses. in fact, and […]

without a doubt kill city makes the best jeans i have ever tried on. i have a penchant for tight black jeans and these are the best around – feel and fit perfectly. i own 5 pair and it’s pretty much the only brand i wear. the world’s best kept secret. do you own a […]

i finally signed up for gilt. if you have the cash to spend then you can always find some good deals here. it basically works like this: they sell a limited supply of nice stuff for a limited time or until they sell out. sort of interesting – like you have 4 days to take […]

as i mentioned before, one of the things that i like about my new site is that i get to talk about soooo much more than just the bands that i’m in. lately i have found myself sharing various blogs or newsletters that i come across and enjoy. case in point – feelgood this is […]

score one for meeting cool people in the most unexpected places. the necklace pictured is one by soon to be well known jewelry designer ron garkey from los angeles. i met ron a little over a month ago at a transmission shop where i was getting my landcruiser worked on. (note to self…don’t let koreans […]

i was at dinner with some of my new found japanese friends on sat night and i got to try some tongue. yup, tongue – and it tasted great. the tonguing happened at woo lae oak in bev hills. it was really a nice dinner…nouveau korean is how they describe their cuisine. i guess our […]