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bass stuff

coma rehearsals are underway and that’s the view of my current rig. as a proud owner of 2 ampeg 8×10 cabs it’s tough to admit that i have a new love as far as speakers go. it’s an aguilar 4×10 top with 1×15 low. love love love the extra fatness on the low tones – […]

i can’t believe that i forgot to mention this but a couple weeks ago some guy tried to steal this bag from my kitchen. around 9:00 pm this guy (african american male in late 30-40’s, about 5’11”, heavy set but not fat) walked up my back steps, opened the back door that is attached to […]

i was just talking about the irig the other day so here’s a pic of me actually rehearsing with it. i was sitting on my friends couch with just my bass headphones and phone and i was totally jammin (quietly) in my own world. it was great. you will note that i’m sitting on planks […]

one of my good friends in the inner circle of bass players whose name shall be referred to only by the initials DTM got me hooked on this puppy. the iRig is awesome. it’s really a stripped down version of the tascam mp-gt1 which i’m already a big fan of. what makes the iRig so […]

a couple weeks ago we had our first rehearsals for coma. forget the fact that they were flat out amazing — this band is going to destroy everything in it’s path. more on that in upcoming posts though. let’s get to the tech stuff that only bass players are going to geek out at with […]

recently i have been asked to audition for a couple musical projects and it got me thinking on how i went about my preparations. hopefully this short list will help anyone in a similar position – it’s common sense but most people i know seem to lack plenty of it.here goes: 1. learn your parts […]

i was talking to a bass player on facebook the other day and it got me thinking about my life as a bassist. i’m the first one to tell u that i’m not the session type guy. i’ve never claimed to be an amazing bass player and im definitely not big on the noodle approach. […]