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was taking tony for a walk tonight and it dawned on me how f’n horrible a year 2011 was, im sure it was for a lot of people, but for me in particular it was unusually baaaaad. i thought 2010 kinda sucked but wow…2011 easily eclipsed that. i’m wondering if it was some sort of […]

here is what the mri of my back looks like. although i can’t really tell where they are…there are not 1, not 2, but 3 disc herniations. so…for what it’s worth, to anyone that didnt really think the wincing and ugly faces i was making [when i trying to deal with certain things (like putting […]

it makes me laugh.

one of the more difficult lessons i have learned over the years is that going into business with people and/or working with/for people seems to rarely pay off in the “feelgood” kind of way. when it comes to business most people tend to err on the side of selfishness and greed. it’s usually short sighted […]

Really? Really? You had to park behind my truck sooo closely that u were actually hitting the back of my newly chromed bumper. Why would u do that – there are plenty of spaces on this street to park. U had to park right there didn’t ya. you were too lazy to walk 50 feet […]

i have the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with a few passive aggressive people in my life. questions: do you know you’re passive aggressive? does it take more energy to actually be that much more of a bigger douche or is it just built into your daily being? being passive aggressive to someone that […]

while driving to the phily airport i had a sinking feeling. i realized i forgot to grab half an ambien that i wanted to take. so – with my limited “what to do on the flight” us air entertainment options i’m left to write a blog until the battery on my iphone dies (a good […]

No free wifi – check No tv – check No electrical plugs – check No free food – check No hot flight attendants serving drinks – check due to an unexpected family tragedy i was forced to deal with the harsh realities of the airline industry laws of supply and demand head on today. suffice […]

remember the other day when i was bitching about the shitty bartender at chateau marmont? well, as it turns out, in life there always seems to exist a polar opposite. case in point – blanca the bartender at el carmen. thursday night i was at el carmen (probably my favorite bar in la – plus […]

as mentioned in an earlier post about food, i’m on the email list for a few types of blogs/newsletters. digital music news happens to be one covering music that i enjoy reading although!!!!! sometimes…posts like this make me go “huh?”. most of the time after going to or even speaking at a conference i find […]

what’s the best thing about amex? if u dont immediately say customer service then ur an idiot. customer service is king as far as i’m concerned. i dont care what u do or where u work…shitty customer service is something to be ashamed about. so…i went out late tonight. i landed at the chateau marmont […]

i was at dinner with some of my new found japanese friends on sat night and i got to try some tongue. yup, tongue – and it tasted great. the tonguing happened at woo lae oak in bev hills. it was really a nice dinner…nouveau korean is how they describe their cuisine. i guess our […]

recently i have been asked to audition for a couple musical projects and it got me thinking on how i went about my preparations. hopefully this short list will help anyone in a similar position – it’s common sense but most people i know seem to lack plenty of it.here goes: 1. learn your parts […]

recently i deleted my twitter account. as a result of some unfortunate events i decided to remove all my friends and followers. let me tell you something, it’s been a damn blessing in disguise. i definitely dont miss checking my twitter. i only checked it once a day anyway but not even doing that has […]

why francisten.com? well, it was about time. im doing a variety of things these days and my online identity has become how shall i say… a bit scattered. this site will be the best way to keep all of my different ventures in front of me. it also seems like the most natural evolution of […]