working with assholes

one of the more difficult lessons i have learned over the years is that going into business with people and/or working with/for people seems to rarely pay off in the “feelgood” kind of way. when it comes to business most people tend to err on the side of selfishness and greed. it’s usually short sighted and geared less towards long term employee/partner happiness than to immediate ego satisfaction. why are people like this. i was like this once…you know what i learned– trust and mutual respect is one of the most important qualities to any employee/partner long term relationship. add to that mix getting rewarded for a job well done and that relationship is built to last.

i happen to be doing business with a musician right now who i have the utmost respect for as far as that business goes. he understands loyalty and he understands what people bring to the table more so in regards to their respective strengths rather than their weaknesses. unfortunately that last fact is all too often reversed in that most people tend to harp on a weakness instead of playing to a strength.

i’m sure every one of the people i have some sort of business deal with (and that’s actually quite a few) is thinking this post is about you…ya know it might be but then again it might not be. sort of like i might have a set of aces or maybe just 5-2 off suited. u just never know unless you call me – and then you can ask and i will tell you.

questions to ponder: how many of you work with people you actually respect? what makes a good boss or partner or co-worker?

this is a good article on how not to be douche at work.

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