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west indian girl

as far as west indian girl goes….i can’t really provide any more updates on the new record. at this point all the tracks are with rob and who knows when that will be finished. if and when something gets released i will let you know. as far as i’m concerned – don’t hold your breath […]

i was just talking about the irig the other day so here’s a pic of me actually rehearsing with it. i was sitting on my friends couch with just my bass headphones and phone and i was totally jammin (quietly) in my own world. it was great. you will note that i’m sitting on planks […]

oh wow, west indian girl played a show on sunday…i almost forgot it happened so fast (that’s what she said). sunday night at 11:00 pm isnt exactly the best time for people to come out but it turned out to not suck. we played this show for our front of house sound man adam. it […]

looks like west indian girl will be playing a show at the hotel cafe at the end of the month. here’s the link for advance tickets.