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my back would eventually heal itself and get better. at least that is what the back specialist i have been seeing told me. pretty cool actually. it made me feel like there was indeed some hope. i have opted to NOT get an epidural – which even if i had the the 5K to blow […]

here is what the mri of my back looks like. although i can’t really tell where they are…there are not 1, not 2, but 3 disc herniations. so…for what it’s worth, to anyone that didnt really think the wincing and ugly faces i was making [when i trying to deal with certain things (like putting […]

how many of u have ever had an mri? i got one last tuesday and i must admit i sort of enjoyed it. kind of a mind game though. i can understand how people could get freaked out in the tube. best part about it was the noise – like an experimental electronic dance sampling […]

guess where i spent my friday night -not just a little tiny bit of my friday night but ALL of my friday night. answer: at the olive view medical center emergency room. remember that sciatic nerve damage i was talking about a few posts ago – well, the pain in my ass and leg finally […]