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i was talking to a friend of mine about my poker catch phrase…sort of like hank kingsley’s “hey now” catch phrase in the larry sanders show. right now – kojack’s who loves ya baby is really making me laugh. i’m gonna try it out the next time someone tries pushin me around only to get […]

the story goes like this – a couple months ago i was at my friend’s house warming party (in the hills overlooking the republic of silver lake). it was there where i had the unexpected pleasure of meeting one julie brown aka downtown julie brown. needless to say we hit it off. she’s a true […]

yesterday night i was at dinner with, in my opinion, the biggest radio personality from san diego. he was in la “working” with a famous celebrity as their “stay out of trouble” coach. anyway, we went to my local sushi spot and ordered a ton of great stuff. the last plate that came out was […]

every now and then i come across articles on some of the local la blogs that make me laugh (a little bit, at the very least). this is one from curbed la and it’s about residents complaining that they can see girls in bikinis at this club on sunset. personally i dont have any problem […]