new band i’m in – this is the facebook page and the official page. it’s cool – the guys in this band are stars in and of their own right. all good guys you want to have next to u in a fight –even if we are skinny.

Tears Falling Heavy / BREAKING ARROWS/ Music Video Shoot / Breaking Arrows first album, “Breaking Arrows” has been released simultaneously in Japan and the US (currently only on iTunes in the US) on 7/31/2013

911 / BREAKING ARROWS at The Viper Room Los Angeles, CA (Oct 10, 2013)

BREAKING ARROWS Live Perfomance in LA (Aug 9, 2015)

UPDATE 3/14/14

i used to be a great blogger – maybe i just burned myself out or maybe too many people have littered the world of social media that it almost seems pointless. sort of like the area of the pacific ocean where all the plastic floats around in. that said – i should upload a couple of photos from some recent shows here….ie Tokyo which was awesome.

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