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yo kris – it sucks not having you around to go grab drinks with at places i would never ever normally go grab drinks at …ie marie callenders, the counter and maggianos and a variety of irish pubs. good times buddy – have fun in denver i’m gonna miss ya.

the story goes like this – a couple months ago i was at my friend’s house warming party (in the hills overlooking the republic of silver lake). it was there where i had the unexpected pleasure of meeting one julie brown aka downtown julie brown. needless to say we hit it off. she’s a true […]

i went down the rabbit hole of google today…somehow i ended up on a killing joke video. i saw my friend paul raven who played bass for kj. he’s dead now. if he was alive i would have called him just to make fun of what he was wearing in this video. i then would […]

remember the other day when i was bitching about the shitty bartender at chateau marmont? well, as it turns out, in life there always seems to exist a polar opposite. case in point – blanca the bartender at el carmen. thursday night i was at el carmen (probably my favorite bar in la – plus […]

as i mentioned before, one of the things that i like about my new site is that i get to talk about soooo much more than just the bands that i’m in. lately i have found myself sharing various blogs or newsletters that i come across and enjoy. case in point – feelgood this is […]

score one for meeting cool people in the most unexpected places. the necklace pictured is one by soon to be well known jewelry designer ron garkey from los angeles. i met ron a little over a month ago at a transmission shop where i was getting my landcruiser worked on. (note to self…don’t let koreans […]

my good friend/stylist sent this to me via email. needless to say i have been chatting up tone a bit more today. i even took him over to a friend’s house for a much needed shampoo…now he smells of strawberry shortcake bubble bath. if this doesnt touch any dog owner’s heart then u r a […]

for some people a nice vacation is the ultimate way to de-stress and duh, who wouldnt agree with that. how i could use a trip to a tropical beach right now. vacations arent always possible though. in my life, many of the simplest and best ways of de-stressing have always involved some sort of physical […]

yesterday night i was at dinner with, in my opinion, the biggest radio personality from san diego. he was in la “working” with a famous celebrity as their “stay out of trouble” coach. anyway, we went to my local sushi spot and ordered a ton of great stuff. the last plate that came out was […]

man, that old saying, the one about having no expectations is true. more often than not the lower you set the bar on your expectation level, the better off you are going to end up feeling. so…rengeade craft fair in la – congratulations and good job! multiple pats on the back for a really low […]

just got a call from my friend matt cipov who is in town for the renegade craft fair this weekend. i’m definitely going – not only to check out what this fair is all about but to also finally meet matt in person. matt and i have been friends for over a year now after […]