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great customer service

a couple weeks ago we had our first rehearsals for coma. forget the fact that they were flat out amazing — this band is going to destroy everything in it’s path. more on that in upcoming posts though. let’s get to the tech stuff that only bass players are going to geek out at with […]

in the 8 plus years i’ve had tony i’ve been to my fair share of pet stores in la. urban pet on beverly is hands down my new favorite (by a long shot!). not only is the atmosphere inviting for both humans and dogs, it’s generally cooler and astoundingly cheaper than the other ones in […]

remember the other day when i was bitching about the shitty bartender at chateau marmont? well, as it turns out, in life there always seems to exist a polar opposite. case in point – blanca the bartender at el carmen. thursday night i was at el carmen (probably my favorite bar in la – plus […]