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bass gear for tech heads 3: wooly mammoth sound

coma rehearsals are underway and that’s the view of my current rig. as a proud owner of 2 ampeg 8×10 cabs it’s tough to admit that i have a new love as far as speakers go. it’s an aguilar 4×10 top with 1×15 low. love love love the extra fatness on the low tones – seriously it’s like a wooly mammoth is trying to crawl out of my rig….specially with all the low c tinings maaa-a-annnn this shit sounds tough.

dear aguilar – i would like an endorsement.
dear manager – i would like u to proactively help me get an endorsement.

oh yeah…that would be an ashdown head on top of the cabs…makes for a beautiful combination. not sold on the aguilar heads yet…maybe if they endorse me i will go all the way with them. right now it’s just to second base.

One Response to “bass gear for tech heads 3: wooly mammoth sound”

  1. Nick Perri says:

    Haha, you tell ’em!