feelgood is a new blog i like

as i mentioned before, one of the things that i like about my new site is that i get to talk about soooo much more than just the bands that i’m in. lately i have found myself sharing various blogs or newsletters that i come across and enjoy. case in point – feelgood this is a new blog that was started by a friend of mine named karina – she also happens to be an amazing stylist (imo one of the best in la). it’s nice to have her voice out there via feelgood which, from what i gather, seems to cover everything and anything under the sun that makes her feel good. my gut feeling says this lifestyle blog will attract quite a few followers and probably land her some job doing something really fun that almost doesnt seem like work.

2 thoughts on “feelgood is a new blog i like

  1. karina says:

    awww, such nice words coming from someone with “attitude”.

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