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favorite sites

i was working at my place today and i needed some new music. i remembered my friend james miao’s site called thesixtyone.com. it’s a pretty great site – i havent discovered anything i “love” yet but i do love the visual aspect to it all. great work james. im calling u later to make sure […]

i drove my niece to her work today. she’s a lifeguard at the hopewell valley quarry (the road it’s on is aptly named crusher). this place is the summer spot i wish i had when i was growing up. the story of how it ame to be a swimming hole dates back to the early […]

as i mentioned before, one of the things that i like about my new site is that i get to talk about soooo much more than just the bands that i’m in. lately i have found myself sharing various blogs or newsletters that i come across and enjoy. case in point – feelgood this is […]

as mentioned in an earlier post about food, i’m on the email list for a few types of blogs/newsletters. digital music news happens to be one covering music that i enjoy reading although!!!!! sometimes…posts like this make me go “huh?”. most of the time after going to or even speaking at a conference i find […]

gelato yum yum. you can find it everywhere in rome. los angeles however, is a sad story. some people said there was a place on s robertson that had good gelato – i forget the name – prolly cos after i went there is wasnt worth returning. my favorite spot to date has been il […]

every now and then i come across articles on some of the local la blogs that make me laugh (a little bit, at the very least). this is one from curbed la and it’s about residents complaining that they can see girls in bikinis at this club on sunset. personally i dont have any problem […]