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i just got the sept/oct issue of mutineer mag in the mail today and was honored to see my pic all up in it. a few months ago i was lucky enough to be invited to a wine tasting at gordon ramsay’s london. gotta tell ya….it was fun. im not a huge wine drinker (read […]

every couple nights these 2 guys from the store next door to my place smoke cigars in the parking lot below. one of thm just got back from fishing in alaska and he gave me a huge piece of chinook. it was a pretty wonderful and glorious thing indeed. i brought it over my buddy […]

i finally signed up for gilt. if you have the cash to spend then you can always find some good deals here. it basically works like this: they sell a limited supply of nice stuff for a limited time or until they sell out. sort of interesting – like you have 4 days to take […]

remember the other day when i was bitching about the shitty bartender at chateau marmont? well, as it turns out, in life there always seems to exist a polar opposite. case in point – blanca the bartender at el carmen. thursday night i was at el carmen (probably my favorite bar in la – plus […]

gelato yum yum. you can find it everywhere in rome. los angeles however, is a sad story. some people said there was a place on s robertson that had good gelato – i forget the name – prolly cos after i went there is wasnt worth returning. my favorite spot to date has been il […]

yesterday night i was at dinner with, in my opinion, the biggest radio personality from san diego. he was in la “working” with a famous celebrity as their “stay out of trouble” coach. anyway, we went to my local sushi spot and ordered a ton of great stuff. the last plate that came out was […]

i was at dinner with some of my new found japanese friends on sat night and i got to try some tongue. yup, tongue – and it tasted great. the tonguing happened at woo lae oak in bev hills. it was really a nice dinner…nouveau korean is how they describe their cuisine. i guess our […]