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yo kris – it sucks not having you around to go grab drinks with at places i would never ever normally go grab drinks at …ie marie callenders, the counter and maggianos and a variety of irish pubs. good times buddy – have fun in denver i’m gonna miss ya.

7 hours in one place can seem like a very long time but you don’t need much to get you thru it. not only does a companion help to talk to but the real big winner is the ipad2. praise the lord amen. armed with a great ebook on tournament poker called “kill everyone” i […]

could that last posting date be correct? last october?! shit…time flies when you go offline, pursue other interests, have a life and take a much needed social media break. it’s been rather nice not having to deal with everything “social”. that said, i’m looking forward to updating and sharing thoughts about where i am musically […]

i just got the sept/oct issue of mutineer mag in the mail today and was honored to see my pic all up in it. a few months ago i was lucky enough to be invited to a wine tasting at gordon ramsay’s london. gotta tell ya….it was fun. im not a huge wine drinker (read […]

i finally signed up for gilt. if you have the cash to spend then you can always find some good deals here. it basically works like this: they sell a limited supply of nice stuff for a limited time or until they sell out. sort of interesting – like you have 4 days to take […]

i got to spend some long overdue quality time with my niece katherine on sat night. we went out around midnight. the closest “big” town was princeton. wow, no wonder why people study so much there— there’s absolutely no night life. no late night cafes or anything…seriously…it was saturday night and the streets were empty […]

my dad is a great golfer. i’m currently a shitty golfer. i was lucky enough to get to spend some time with him at a driving range on sat and sun. this man totally reworked my swing- giving me maybe 10 lessons in the span of 2 buckets. as i stated earlier i’m attracted to […]

i drove my niece to her work today. she’s a lifeguard at the hopewell valley quarry (the road it’s on is aptly named crusher). this place is the summer spot i wish i had when i was growing up. the story of how it ame to be a swimming hole dates back to the early […]

tony’s big day was this past sunday…actually it’s the birthday i gave him since he’s a rescue and i have no other info about him except that he was from santa ana. i don’t technically know his age but he seemed like a leo to me so i picked 8.8 as his special day. either […]

for some people a nice vacation is the ultimate way to de-stress and duh, who wouldnt agree with that. how i could use a trip to a tropical beach right now. vacations arent always possible though. in my life, many of the simplest and best ways of de-stressing have always involved some sort of physical […]

man, that old saying, the one about having no expectations is true. more often than not the lower you set the bar on your expectation level, the better off you are going to end up feeling. so…rengeade craft fair in la – congratulations and good job! multiple pats on the back for a really low […]

spent last night (a saturday night no less!) working on back end stuff for the new site. tech’ing was provided by one of my best friends sascha. along with the teching was a bottle of dewars, hitching post wine, mac os x upgrades and a huge new flat screen. hi-lites of this exciting evening as […]