raven, i want to call u

i went down the rabbit hole of google today…somehow i ended up on a killing joke video. i saw my friend paul raven who played bass for kj. he’s dead now. if he was alive i would have called him just to make fun of what he was wearing in this video. i then would have told him that what his guitarist was wearing in this video was genius. i met raven in toronto long after he was in killing joke – he bought me a drink after he saw the band i was in at the time. it wasnt until i was living in la that we became good friends. funniest raven memory – he came over to watch the 98 minnesota viking nfc championship game with me. towards the end of the game he got me high (which wasnt really my thing back then). a couple minutes later we watched gary anderson miss his first field goal in 2 years which led to overtime which the vikings (as they always seem to do) found a way to lose. not only was this devastating but did i mention i was stoned. i honestly couldnt believe it cos the guy hadnt missed a field goal in 2 years and then he misses one in the biggest game of his life. it was a weird moment that raven is forever associated with.

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  1. Mark says:

    Big Paul Raven, had the great fortune to meet him three months before he left us too early.

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