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it’s taken me more than a week to write this post and “announce” to the world that tony, my best friend and loyal companion, died on sunday jan 15th 2012 at roughly 7:30pm. i loved tony more than anything or any person over the last ten years. he was an incredible dog with a human soul. if you knew me or any of my bands then you of course knew tony. in many ways we helped define each other. if you did have the pleasure of meeting tony then you know exactly what i mean when i say this — he was indeed a different breed and definitely a special being.

was taking tony for a walk tonight and it dawned on me how f’n horrible a year 2011 was, im sure it was for a lot of people, but for me in particular it was unusually baaaaad. i thought 2010 kinda sucked but wow…2011 easily eclipsed that. i’m wondering if it was some sort of […]

wow just when you thought you’ve seen it all the kid rises up again. click here to love tony.

i woke up in my bedroom, i got up from my bed and started walking around my place… there was nothing else in it. the walls were white. i walked into the living room and to my front door. there was a diagonal slice cut across the top – you could look over the top […]

tony’s big day was this past sunday…actually it’s the birthday i gave him since he’s a rescue and i have no other info about him except that he was from santa ana. i don’t technically know his age but he seemed like a leo to me so i picked 8.8 as his special day. either […]

in the 8 plus years i’ve had tony i’ve been to my fair share of pet stores in la. urban pet on beverly is hands down my new favorite (by a long shot!). not only is the atmosphere inviting for both humans and dogs, it’s generally cooler and astoundingly cheaper than the other ones in […]

what’s the best thing about amex? if u dont immediately say customer service then ur an idiot. customer service is king as far as i’m concerned. i dont care what u do or where u work…shitty customer service is something to be ashamed about. so…i went out late tonight. i landed at the chateau marmont […]

my good friend/stylist sent this to me via email. needless to say i have been chatting up tone a bit more today. i even took him over to a friend’s house for a much needed shampoo…now he smells of strawberry shortcake bubble bath. if this doesnt touch any dog owner’s heart then u r a […]

i was lucky, er, maybe unlucky enough to have been able to take a quick cat nap early this evening. this nap ended up being one with a dream of the “not so pleasant” variety. the dream started with me waking up in a bed in a house that i used to have in the […]

the last few days i have been rehearsing with ray blanco of tb5 for a potentially really cool gig in country far far away. that’s him with tony after our session which ended around 2 in the morning. this guy is one of the hardest hitters on the planet. i need to get even better […]

spent last night (a saturday night no less!) working on back end stuff for the new site. tech’ing was provided by one of my best friends sascha. along with the teching was a bottle of dewars, hitching post wine, mac os x upgrades and a huge new flat screen. hi-lites of this exciting evening as […]