pelican bones and turkey feathers

necklace by ron garkey

score one for meeting cool people in the most unexpected places. the necklace pictured is one by soon to be well known jewelry designer ron garkey from los angeles. i met ron a little over a month ago at a transmission shop where i was getting my landcruiser worked on. (note to self…don’t let koreans work on ur transmission …. unless u like taking it back [3 times and counting] over and over again). we have since become friends. this past weekend i stopped over ron’s place with my stylist of stylists to check out his new line. it’s super great. i left with a loaner while he works on the uber super custom fran special. this necklace not only has a painted cross but a pelican bone and a turkey feather. all of these totems have special meanings and truly make each necklace that he designs unique. i promise, u will be hearing more about ron’s work in upcoming posts.

2 thoughts on “pelican bones and turkey feathers

  1. birdbiologist says:

    It is illegal to possess or sell wild bird parts.

  2. sweets says:

    come mr talisman tally me banana. haha is that what they’re saying?

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