clearing my mind with golf

for some people a nice vacation is the ultimate way to de-stress and duh, who wouldnt agree with that. how i could use a trip to a tropical beach right now. vacations arent always possible though. in my life, many of the simplest and best ways of de-stressing have always involved some sort of physical activity – something that entails your mind working in tandem with your body – running, tennis, training, gymnastics etc etc all involve this mind body dependence.

this past year, after some coaxing from my best friend, i gave golf a try.  i played golf a bit with my dad while growing up but not that much. i didnt have the patience for it then. as it turns out, i really enjoy golfing not because of the competition that arises between the players but more so for the competition it brings up within myself. the understanding (mentally) of how u have to do something and then not being able to physically execute that is indeed a challenge. it’s a game within a game and i find it satisfying putting together the mental and physical pieces. plus it’s outside and it’s fun being able to see and talk to some of your friends in the midst of your our personal sporting war.

friday’s late afternoon break from life was much needed. i was able to at least par a few holes and put it together here and there. oh – i forgot to mention that it’s also nice hitting things…even if it is a small white ball. special thanks goes out to my dad for sending me his clubs which i think i used to channel some of his expertise.

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  1. Ben Jones says:

    Hey Francis
    If you ever want to play some twighlight golf at Roosevelt in Griffith Park, hit me up!

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