the return flight and the nfl network

while driving to the phily airport i had a sinking feeling. i realized i forgot to grab half an ambien that i wanted to take. so – with my limited “what to do on the flight” us air entertainment options i’m left to write a blog until the battery on my iphone dies (a good 20 minutes maybe), contemplate names for a new company, drink finlandia vodka and think about how much the people in front of me paid for their first class seats. im only one set away from first class…i can taste the richness.

soooo, when i sat down in my seat (row 5 aisle) the chick standing in line behind me said “have a nice flight” because she saw who i was going to be stuck next to …. yup…cringe…. a mom and her new born baby. that sadistic comment made me laugh though – it was great comedic timing. as it turns out, this baby was freaking awesome and didn’t cry at all – good work kid. it was mildly entertaining trying to talk to his mom and sister cos they were from spain and didn’t know a lick of english. i mean zero. we communicated like monkeys to each other – it was fun…frio – caliente – como se dice?

for all those people that dont know this about me – im a HUGE minnesota viking fan. pretty much my sporting guilty pleasure. i dont watch any other sport except viking football. anyway, i’m pretty sure brian baldinger from the nfl network was sitting 2 rows in front of me in first class. in fact i’m positive. i really like watching his segments because he talks to football fans and doesnt seem so concerned with “entertaining”. i mean, that’s why that network exists isnt it?…so the more diehard fans can satisfy their thirst for the nfl.

speaking of the nfl network, is it me or is everybody sick of rich eisen’s schtick yet. imo he is quickly on his way to becoming more anoying than chris berman eventually became but way way way faster. someone from entertainment quality control needs to come in there and de-lame what is quickly becoming an unwatchable network. sort of like rich eisen’s good ol’ boys club. if i were in charge i would put mike mayock in charge of everything because he actually has great insight and talks to football fans like they’re intelligent rather than be more concerned with ass kissing and faux entertaining. i’m a u-mich grad too but eisen’s pro blue predictable bias makes him even more unwatchable. jamie dukes is one of the other hosts i kinda like because he’s entertaining in a different way. i also enjoy listening to rod woodsen cos he’s kind of a dick – at least he has opinions and voices them. seriously this network sux more often than it doesnt now. hey, just some honest thoughts from a football fan – go vikes.