US Air – oficially a shitty airline

No free wifi – check
No tv – check
No electrical plugs – check
No free food – check
No hot flight attendants serving drinks – check

due to an unexpected family tragedy i was forced to deal with the harsh realities of the airline industry laws of supply and demand head on today. suffice to say i was beat down by US air like a little bitch. i could have flown halfway to europe for what i paid but alas, it was the only airline option i had. did i need a reminder as to why virgin america is hands down the best airline right now – no. va has no competition – they just need to expand their cities to include philly though!

if i could only summon an ambien now my life would be awesome.

911 conspiracy question- so how did those cell phones work again? How come mine doesn’t work? If this plane was getting “hijacked” i would like to call my mom and be a hero too. hmmmmm oh yeah- i forgot – 9 guys with exacto blades. ok, i’ve had one too many finlandia vodkas.