2011… a year to forget

was taking tony for a walk tonight and it dawned on me how f’n horrible a year 2011 was, im sure it was for a lot of people, but for me in particular it was unusually baaaaad. i thought 2010 kinda sucked but wow…2011 easily eclipsed that. i’m wondering if it was some sort of karmic payback. i can’t figure it out but i am thinking back to people i may have wronged in the past – dont think i ever wronged anyone that badly though.

here are the highlights (umm lowlights) that immediately come to mind: worked for one of the biggest and nastiest liars i have ever worked for. followed that up by working for the most sneaky, greedy, lying piece of shit scumbags i have ever worked for. collectively i think both of these people somehow indirectly transferred all of their terrible energy on to me. it was like i stepped in their bad energy shit. i can’t believe i invited these people into my home, fed them and treated them with respect. it still amazes me how shitty people can be…it seems like being “a stand up guy” is a rarity. how they look themselves in the mirror every day is a mystery to me.

while working for awesome guy #2 i hurt my back pretty badly which culminated in 6 months of semi-life changing miserable pain. as a result of not being able to run or be active in any way it took a toll on me psychologically….inactivity breeds depression.

top everything off with tony getting pretty sick with pancreatitis and that’s what i remember about 2011. i’m actually starting my 2012 now because i’ve decided to end 2011 earlier. it doesnt deserve the extra 3 weeks left in december.

ahhh that year in review felt cathartic. sometimes you just need to type it out. next post – 2012 the year of hope…or maybe i should try to list some positives from 2011. that might be a good exercise – had to be a couple at least.

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  1. extremis says:

    You are damn right about 2011 being horrible! I must be hopeful about 2012 or else I will go crazy.. Anyways thanks for staying sane

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