my niece should move to la

i got to spend some long overdue quality time with my niece katherine on sat night. we went out around midnight. the closest “big” town was princeton. wow, no wonder why people study so much there— there’s absolutely no night life. no late night cafes or anything…seriously…it was saturday night and the streets were empty with only 2 bars open past midnight. i went into a bar called triumph and it made me sad but at the same time thankful that it isnt a regular “out on the town” option for me. anyway, on the plus side i was able to at least leave with a half gallon of beer in a glass jug and drank it while katherine and i roamed around the mean streets of princeton. this was the by far the best part of the evening – getting to know katherine better was indeed one of my trip highlights. she is smart, introspective, well thought out and beautiful (i think she should model if she moves out to la).

1 thought on “my niece should move to la

  1. karina says:

    your whole family is beautiful- good genes & very photogenic. sigh 🙂

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