this quarry f’n rocks

i drove my niece to her work today. she’s a lifeguard at the hopewell valley quarry (the road it’s on is aptly named crusher). this place is the summer spot i wish i had when i was growing up. the story of how it came to be a swimming hole dates back to the early 1900’s – during its normal course of mining operations a natural spring was struck and the whole pit filled with water. the mining operation quickly ceased and the place was boarded up and eventually it evolved into a swim club. pretty cool and pretty unforgettable as the picture says it all.

while at the quarry i was able to get to see scott, one of my best friends. it was pretty awesome seeing him and that he made the drive down on such short notice. scott just signed a publishing deal. congrats man! it’s for a children’s book. as of now he’s calling it “dr jim and his special stethoscope” is it me or does this tentative title sound more like a porno than book for kids? hahah awesome – thanx for the beers and buffalo wings and mussels buddy! good hanging.

check out this quarry in china – i found it during a random google search. it’s a design for a hotel that was to be built on the side of a quarry. pretty cool – i couldnt verify that it was ever completed though. this site – cool hunter – by the way is a great site…you should bookmark it and occasionally check it out.

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  1. karina says:

    nice. yeah, now i feel so deprived since i spent most my childhood summers at the community pool.

    i could have sworn i saw the one in china featured on the travel channel

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