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after the break i was moved to another table.  i had resigned myself to the fact i was going home unless i went on a huge rush — and that’s when i had my first ever spiritual poker moment.  i’m not sure why, but after i sat down i prayed to god and said “god, please […]

i played in a no-limit hold’em deepstack tournament at the bicycle casino this past saturday.  i’m  pleased to announce that i was one of 11 people left standing when they decided to chop the pot at 3am. technically i finished tenth (apropos) out of 580 entries. this was the second “big” tournament i have played […]

case in point (1) – last night at a home game i pushed all in with a-k. very questionable call so early on and in retrospect it was overly aggressive and a play i dont normally make at that juncture. one factor that contributed to the shove was what i considered a very wide range […]

in my heart of hearts i don’t really think sunglasses should be allowed in poker but if they are allowed and people are using them, then why not try to incorporate that edge at some point into your game. the day when golfers were allowed to use metal heads instead of wood gave them an […]

i was talking to a friend of mine about my poker catch phrase…sort of like hank kingsley’s “hey now” catch phrase in the larry sanders show. right now – kojack’s who loves ya baby is really making me laugh. i’m gonna try it out the next time someone tries pushin me around only to get […]

nothing makes me happier than that picture you see here now. it’s called fran winning his weekly poker game. here’s why i love poker—win or lose i have absolutely no one but myself to blame or pat on the back. all the decisions i make i’m responsible for thus if i lose it’s my fault […]

7 hours in one place can seem like a very long time but you don’t need much to get you thru it. not only does a companion help to talk to but the real big winner is the ipad2. praise the lord amen. armed with a great ebook on tournament poker called “kill everyone” i […]

over the past year i have developed an addiction to poker. not sure how it happened…well yeah i do – i was invited to a home game and that was it. it was pretty much insto-addiction. sort of reminds me of why i played chess so much except that it’s more social and more popular. […]