like the rarely seen albino gorilla – i’m back

could that last posting date be correct? last october?! shit…time flies when you go offline, pursue other interests, have a life and take a much needed social media break. it’s been rather nice not having to deal with everything “social”.

that said, i’m looking forward to updating and sharing thoughts about where i am musically these days as well as the other interests that have creeped into my life. i’m not sure what has gotten into me but i feel like blogging again…i was after all one of the best musical bloggers on the web so this should be fun for however long it lasts this time.

i don’t think i will be restarting my twitter account though – at least not for now. i got out when the gettin was good. was it ultimately a wasted experiment on how to attract stalkers 101? not sure…probably. i wish that gorilla was still alive and could blog – he would have been pissed about being stuck in a zoo.

4 thoughts on “like the rarely seen albino gorilla – i’m back

  1. francis ten says:

    thanx man ha!

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  2. Derek A says:

    Wow, I’ve almost removed this blog from my RSS feed a few times, but optimism or laziness kept me from doing it. Welcome back, Fran.

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