mutineer magazine will get u wasted if ur not careful

i just got the sept/oct issue of mutineer mag in the mail today and was honored to see my pic all up in it. a few months ago i was lucky enough to be invited to a wine tasting at gordon ramsay’s london. gotta tell ya….it was fun. im not a huge wine drinker (read tequila, vodka soda, beer) but it’s always nice to explore the complex world of wine. i especially enjoyed sitting next to and spitting and talking to karl wente. no better way to get the fast track on wine than by tasting it every step of the way with a wine maker. good damn times. extra special thanx to heidi richman for securing my place at this grape round table! thanx to alan and jj from mutineer for having me. these guys also threw an amazing party a couple months ago that was beyond a drinker’s paradise. can’t wait to go to their next one. anyway, their mag…mutineer — has a blog and i love blogs.

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  1. Alan Kropf says:

    That was really awesome, and getting to hear all the bands was sweet. We shall party again…

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