caught red handed – the thief in my kitchen

i can’t believe that i forgot to mention this but a couple weeks ago some guy tried to steal this bag from my kitchen.

around 9:00 pm this guy (african american male in late 30-40’s, about 5’11”, heavy set but not fat) walked up my back steps, opened the back door that is attached to my kitchen and grabbed my onitsuka tiger bag. luckily i was able to catch (confront) him while he was still in my kitchen! I think I yelled the obvious “wtf are you doing!” and he dropped the bag and ran down the steps.

i was pretty stunned cos it was so surreal. i kept yelling at him while he was sort of running away and but said he was looking for a place to sleep – which obviously explains why he would take this bag. i’m assuming he thought a lap top was inside and that’s why he tried to take it. i called the cops and to their credit they showed up fast.

this is now the second time i have had someone try to break in. the first time it was a tweeked out white guy in a cowboy hat with his dog of all things. people are weird but i live near an alley so it’s not always the creme de le creme walking by. honestly this could have been way worse if he was intent on violence. my mistake – i have learned my lesson and will always lock that door. i also had my landlord install a motion sensor light.

contents of the bag….cables and pedals and picks for my bass. i would have been bummed if he took it.