dance for me, you monkey

recently i have been asked to audition for a couple musical projects and it got me thinking on how i went about my preparations. hopefully this short list will help anyone in a similar position – it’s common sense but most people i know seem to lack plenty of goes:

1. learn your parts

2. rehearse your parts

3. repeat step #2 a hundred times

4. visualize playing your parts

5. take it seriously

6. approach the audition with a killer instinct.

7. make sure you’re so not wrapped up in your part that u arent listening for the one’s and locking in with drums. this is only possible if you have rehearsed ur parts to the point of being able to play with minimal looks at your fret board.

that’s it…your “performance” will be natural and not contrived if you are in that moment. if you’re performing first and playing second then you’re going about it the wrong way. have it down front and back and you will kill any audition. if you dont get the job at least u know it wasnt due to u not being prepared or knowing ur part. sometimes not getting picked for something is completely out of your control. ask any clown in la who goes out for commercial castings. sometimes getting picked for something is completely random –sort of like the time i got picked for a alcohol commercial just because the director(male) thought i was cute…very cute. oh well, i’ll take it anyway. life isnt fair and the entertainment business is definitely one of the scummiest.

2 thoughts on “dance for me, you monkey

  1. Chad C. says:

    Looks like those monkeys are doin’ a little more than dancing!?! 😉

  2. Lola says:

    Hi! I left a comment but forgot my email so the site ate it. Good words here. I think no matter what you’re going for, being 100% PRESENT is what gets u the gig. P A S S I O N!! It’s only there when your not thinking. :))

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