make it swell like hell

i was talking to a bass player on facebook the other day and it got me thinking about my life as a bassist. i’m the first one to tell u that i’m not the session type guy. i’ve never claimed to be an amazing bass player and im definitely not big on the noodle approach. in fact, what i lack in tech knowledge i think i have more than made up for in both creative approach and fundamental skills. my theory on bass is this, and it’s something i learned from the first book i ever read on bass by a swedish bass player named jonas hellborg. in it he said “it’s all about playing one note and making it swell like hell”. oh how simple and profound that statement was and still is. that line became my mantra.

the first six months that i owned a bass i never even had an amp. all i did was learn how to press the notes down correctly and make them “swell like hell”…over and over and over again. from there on out i just started writing my own songs – i think because of that coupled with the fact i never learned a cover song from beginning to end it helped mold my own unique style. i always try to hit it hard and make sure i’m on the one. always on the one. the next most important thing which i will discuss in a later post was learning how to play with a drummer. drummers have made me a better player without a doubt. think about it, bass and drums are the band within a band, if they suck so does the band. anyway, that’s it for bass philosophy right now. thoughts on 5 string basses – bass players that play 5 strings should just add another string and become guitar players.

2 thoughts on “make it swell like hell

  1. DaninParis says:

    Love the new blog space and the stories….Europe awaits though.

  2. Nick DeBenedetto says:

    Yeah, Jonas Hellborg! He can really attack an acoustic bass guitar. I have planning to write about one of his CD’s if and when you resume 2 With Ten. – Nick

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