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it’s taken me more than a week to write this post and “announce” to the world that tony, my best friend and loyal companion, died on sunday jan 15th 2012 at roughly 7:30pm. i loved tony more than anything or any person over the last ten years. he was an incredible dog with a human soul. if you knew me or any of my bands then you of course knew tony. in many ways we helped define each other. if you did have the pleasure of meeting tony then you know exactly what i mean when i say this — he was indeed a different breed and definitely a special being.

after the break i was moved to another table.  i had resigned myself to the fact i was going home unless i went on a huge rush — and that’s when i had my first ever spiritual poker moment.  i’m not sure why, but after i sat down i prayed to god and said “god, please […]

i played in a no-limit hold’em deepstack tournament at the bicycle casino this past saturday.  i’m  pleased to announce that i was one of 11 people left standing when they decided to chop the pot at 3am. technically i finished tenth (apropos) out of 580 entries. this was the second “big” tournament i have played […]

was taking tony for a walk tonight and it dawned on me how f’n horrible a year 2011 was, im sure it was for a lot of people, but for me in particular it was unusually baaaaad. i thought 2010 kinda sucked but wow…2011 easily eclipsed that. i’m wondering if it was some sort of […]

my back would eventually heal itself and get better. at least that is what the back specialist i have been seeing told me. pretty cool actually. it made me feel like there was indeed some hope. i have opted to NOT get an epidural – which even if i had the the 5K to blow […]

case in point (1) – last night at a home game i pushed all in with a-k. very questionable call so early on and in retrospect it was overly aggressive and a play i dont normally make at that juncture. one factor that contributed to the shove was what i considered a very wide range […]

2 weeks ago i played a show with iwnbts at the viper room in la. it was the first show i played in support of the second record. gotta admit – had a great time – wish i had more rehearsal time with the material but overall it was a good show. powered through it. […]

as far as west indian girl goes….i can’t really provide any more updates on the new record. at this point all the tracks are with rob and who knows when that will be finished. if and when something gets released i will let you know. as far as i’m concerned – don’t hold your breath […]

in my heart of hearts i don’t really think sunglasses should be allowed in poker but if they are allowed and people are using them, then why not try to incorporate that edge at some point into your game. the day when golfers were allowed to use metal heads instead of wood gave them an […]

i was talking to a friend of mine about my poker catch phrase…sort of like hank kingsley’s “hey now” catch phrase in the larry sanders show. right now – kojack’s who loves ya baby is really making me laugh. i’m gonna try it out the next time someone tries pushin me around only to get […]

the cost to release a superstar album – repost this is an interesting/odd read. not sure how much i believe it given the state of the industry these days but the comments are worth reading. it actually sounds exactly like a deal for a baby band circa 1994-96. be curious to hear from any musicians […]

here is what the mri of my back looks like. although i can’t really tell where they are…there are not 1, not 2, but 3 disc herniations. so…for what it’s worth, to anyone that didnt really think the wincing and ugly faces i was making [when i trying to deal with certain things (like putting […]

it makes me laugh.

how many of u have ever had an mri? i got one last tuesday and i must admit i sort of enjoyed it. kind of a mind game though. i can understand how people could get freaked out in the tube. best part about it was the noise – like an experimental electronic dance sampling […]

i was invited to “model” some sunglasses this past weekend for one of my favorite publications – wstrncv. i tried on a pretty cool pair from john varvatos that would be a welcome addition to my poker sunglasses arsenal. i also tried on some barton perreira’s that looked like malcolm x glasses. in fact, and […]

one of the more difficult lessons i have learned over the years is that going into business with people and/or working with/for people seems to rarely pay off in the “feelgood” kind of way. when it comes to business most people tend to err on the side of selfishness and greed. it’s usually short sighted […]

coma rehearsals are underway and that’s the view of my current rig. as a proud owner of 2 ampeg 8×10 cabs it’s tough to admit that i have a new love as far as speakers go. it’s an aguilar 4×10 top with 1×15 low. love love love the extra fatness on the low tones – […]

nothing makes me happier than that picture you see here now. it’s called fran winning his weekly poker game. here’s why i love poker—win or lose i have absolutely no one but myself to blame or pat on the back. all the decisions i make i’m responsible for thus if i lose it’s my fault […]

Really? Really? You had to park behind my truck sooo closely that u were actually hitting the back of my newly chromed bumper. Why would u do that – there are plenty of spaces on this street to park. U had to park right there didn’t ya. you were too lazy to walk 50 feet […]

most movies completely suck these days…right? because of this fact i stream all my movies online just cos it’s bullshit paying for this shit…which is exactly what the motion picture association asks the consumer to do – pay high prices for zero quality. anyway, the apes movie was pretty decent given the competition. if you […]

i can’t believe that i forgot to mention this but a couple weeks ago some guy tried to steal this bag from my kitchen. around 9:00 pm this guy (african american male in late 30-40’s, about 5’11”, heavy set but not fat) walked up my back steps, opened the back door that is attached to […]

I had to log in to linkedin (not a big part of my web identity for some reason) today and actually read a good article that ended up in a 60 minute rabbit hole adventure. It had to do with quick response codes of which i happen to be a big fan of even though […]

i have the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with a few passive aggressive people in my life. questions: do you know you’re passive aggressive? does it take more energy to actually be that much more of a bigger douche or is it just built into your daily being? being passive aggressive to someone that […]

i was just talking about the irig the other day so here’s a pic of me actually rehearsing with it. i was sitting on my friends couch with just my bass headphones and phone and i was totally jammin (quietly) in my own world. it was great. you will note that i’m sitting on planks […]