poker sunglasses

in my heart of hearts i don’t really think sunglasses should be allowed in poker but if they are allowed and people are using them, then why not try to incorporate that edge at some point into your game. the day when golfers were allowed to use metal heads instead of wood gave them an edge. if you still kept using wood heads you were at a disadvantage. get the point.

reluctantly, if you can’t beat’em join’em. i actually don’t like wearing sunglasses inside but i tend to love it specifically when i’m playng against someone else wearing sunglasses. tough dilemma here because i do feel like i have joined the ranks of semi lameness when i wear them but ….fight fire with fire right?

while i was in vegas i couldn’t help myself and got a pair a these bitches. the fact they are gucci takes the humor to a whole other lever.

who loves ya baby