wsop circuit event recap part 2

after the break i was moved to another table. i had resigned myself to the fact i was going home unless i went on a huge rush — and that’s when i had my first ever spiritual poker moment. i’m not sure why, but after i sat down i prayed to god and said “god, please give me a good hand”. yes…i am serious…i did that and will shamefully admit to it. now guess what the hand was that i was dealt? yup…aces.  i played them exactly  how jesus would have wanted me too…like the hammer of the gods. i doubled up and then in that same orbit i was dealt ace-queen (won), ace-jack (folded to huge bet) , ace-king (lost), 1010 (doubled up) and then kings (doubled up). by the time they broke this table i was not only public enemy #1 but one of the chip leaders in the room with 86k. i’ve never had a run like that before…praise the lord jesus christ. once in the main room i was moved from one table of aggro players to another. i didnt mix it up too much because the action was crazy.  i spent the next few hours playing position, picking my spots and chipping up when i could get it in good.  i lost with ace-king 2 more times but still had chips and seemed to stay around 20 bb until the very end of night. after i was in the money i just kept playing position and preying  (different kind this time) on the players that were short stacked and scared to go home. i only got my money in bad when i open shoved with A8. i was called with a-k and a-q. i thought i was out in 17th place but instead tripled up when an 8 came out on the flop. i coasted into 10th place when the game was called. the last 5 hours the game really wasnt poker as much as it was like dodgeball. it’s sort of like the footage of the allies landing on normandie beach. tons of soldiers getting killed next to you…all you have to do is somehow make it onto the beach and into a little hole and you have a great chance of surviving.  overall, i was extremely pleased with how i managed my play in these mid to late chaotic rounds. cashing at this tournament only confirmed what i believe, and that is, that i’m a going to be a force to reckon with.