slow playing ace-king

case in point (1) – last night at a home game i pushed all in with a-k. very questionable call so early on and in retrospect it was overly aggressive and a play i dont normally make at that juncture. one factor that contributed to the shove was what i considered a very wide range of hands that i felt my opponent was representing. but hey, i should’ve considered his re-raise to actually mean he had a decent hand to respect. i knew he didnt have aces or kings and i was correct but unfortunately not rewarded with an a or k when the cards came down. another factor was that i was mentally in a more aggressive and impatient mood. impatience will kill you every time. i should have folded or at least tried to see a flop cheaply. lesson learned and walk of shame avoided.

case in point (2) – a few hours later at a casino i was confronted with a-k 3 times all of which i slow played to satisfyingly results.