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2 weeks ago i played a show with iwnbts at the viper room in la. it was the first show i played in support of the second record. gotta admit – had a great time – wish i had more rehearsal time with the material but overall it was a good show. powered through it. […]

as far as west indian girl goes….i can’t really provide any more updates on the new record. at this point all the tracks are with rob and who knows when that will be finished. if and when something gets released i will let you know. as far as i’m concerned – don’t hold your breath […]

the cost to release a superstar album – repost this is an interesting/odd read. not sure how much i believe it given the state of the industry these days but the comments are worth reading. it actually sounds exactly like a deal for a baby band circa 1994-96. be curious to hear from any musicians […]