i had a dream (4)

i woke up in my bedroom, i got up from my bed and started walking around my place… there was nothing else in it. the walls were white. i walked into the living room and to my front door. there was a diagonal slice cut across the top – you could look over the top of it and down the stairs – it seemingly led into someone else’s place which was dark and voices were heard coming from it. i looked around the apartment and noticed wood floors, again, the only furniture i saw was a bed…it was a simple, low to the ground and had clean white sheets with a white comforter on it. it slowly dawned on me that this wasnt my real place but a dream. the similar layout to my real life apartment had confused me even more. when i realized i wasnt in my place but actually thought it was for a second i got freaked and told myself i needed to wake myself up. so i ran into my bedroom jumped on my bed and screamed as loud as i could hoping this would wake myself up. it did

i woke up in my bed and looked around and yes i was back in my room….this however was a new dream of me actually waking up from the first dream. in this new dream i peacefully put my head down and went back to sleep being happy that i was out of a dream.

when i woke up again (keep in mind i dont know this is a new dream yet – i was back in the original dream) i was in an empty white room with just my bed. i thought it was reality. i started my day like i normally would. i walked to the back door which was attached to my bedroom and opened it up to look outside. i looked down upon a huge factory type loft space that had 2 of my best friends from high school in it – ted and shawn. ted was on a couch and i asked him something and then a white cat came up the stairs to my door. the stairs were metal and grated i remember because as i tried to block the cat from entering my room (i distinctly saw it’s paw gripping the little grate as my foot tried to move it). i was freaking cos i thought tony was going to attack this bold cat and rip it’s head off. yes…tony appeared in my dream adding to the reality of it. interestingly enough and to my complete surprise tony started to lick the cats face – big loving slurpy licks. it was weird. then another cat, this time orange, started coming up the stairs. i closed the door and then walked thru my apartment only to see that same door from the first dream – the one with the top cut off of it. once i got to that door i heard what seemed like pouring water and then i realized it was tony pissing all over the floor in the empty room i was in. as i ran for some paper towels it dawned on me again…that was the moment i realized this wasnt my apt and i that i was indeed back in the same dream world that i thought i woke myself up from earlier. this was sort of scary to think i had somehow tricked myself within my own dream. indeed this was a dream within a dream. i started screaming to wake myself up (again) maybe cos i didnt want to clean up dog piss in my dream. anyway, i finally woke up but this time in the real world. i was sure of that this time.

this was wayyyyy better than inception because it was believable….cos it was truly my reality ….unlike inception which u always knew was a movie….a well hyped one at that. i love dreaming.

seems like white is a theme in recent dreams…also the fact that without a doubt, i dream in color more often than not.

3 thoughts on “i had a dream (4)

  1. jack says:

    this is the only dream ive came across like this an i want to know
    what being in an empty room means with everything white becuase there is no links for it i had the same dream i was in a room with nothing but empty space still amazed dreaming in a dream its not my 1st time i done this 2days later i start looking into it an still cant find no meaning about it

  2. Wanker says:

    Good to see you’re still a fucking fairy after all these years.

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