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i woke up in my bedroom, i got up from my bed and started walking around my place… there was nothing else in it. the walls were white. i walked into the living room and to my front door. there was a diagonal slice cut across the top – you could look over the top […]

i had a dream of white motorcyle last night. in it i was making some sort of mad trek across a town late at night in order to get to this person’s garage where a white motorcycle was. it was important i get there first because someone else was trying to get to it as […]

love it when my brain sends me to those places.  this dream wasnt as good as the last one.  i was on a beach, actually there wasnt much of a beach…huge rocks with very little of your classic sandy beach.  i was with my brother. i remember finding 3 blue shells – mussel shells. they […]

i was lucky, er, maybe unlucky enough to have been able to take a quick cat nap early this evening. this nap ended up being one with a dream of the “not so pleasant” variety. the dream started with me waking up in a bed in a house that i used to have in the […]