shitty service a la chateau marmont

what’s the best thing about amex? if u dont immediately say customer service then ur an idiot. customer service is king as far as i’m concerned. i dont care what u do or where u work…shitty customer service is something to be ashamed about. so…i went out late tonight. i landed at the chateau marmont around 1am — i met my friend/clothing designer kelly brown there. the bar was empty…im talking 15 people max. how long did i wait at the fucking bar for one of the 2 bartenders to take my order ……15 minutes. no joke. so lame it demanded a blog entry. really? seriously? stuff like this gets me so pissed. if the bar was packed, yeah i can sort of understand but not when it’s empty. wow — i hope someone at the crapeau marmont reads this so they realize how lazy their employees are. ha…no wonder why i end up there once a year. so glad i have the fuck you category on this blog cos this one is a perfect fit.

anyway, after the overpriced $12 vodka soda i walked over to the trocadero where i bumped into josh from iwnbts and stacy from the viper room. we had a drink there and then paid a visit to tony who was waiting patiently in my truck (see pic). ya know,,,in the amount of time i had to wait to get served at the shite marmont i could have trained tony on how to go grab a beer with his teeth and bring it to me. it would have been a much better way to spend that 15 minutes.