music discovery sites

i was working at my place today and i needed some new music. i remembered my friend james miao’s site called it’s a pretty great site – i havent discovered anything i “love” yet but i do love the visual aspect to it all. great work james. im calling u later to make sure all my bands are on it 😉

the second site i checked out was it’s not bad. what it severely lacks on the visual/display side (read – it’s ugly as shit) it does allow some quick nav. definitely a slightly different premise than the 61 becasue this music database draws from what is in fact popular or trending on the web now so that means there’s gonna be a ton of crap on it (operating on the assumption i dont necessarily fall in line with the popular vote – which i dont)

conclusion – one looks pretty, one is nav friendly – both equally good as music “discovery” tools but the61 allows more of an immediate closeness or feeling of oneness with the band u r listening to. fyi, im not saying this just cos i know james – seriously.

– note – i did quickly discover that i hated the band halo and flobots (i guess u could say “reaffirmed” because i discussed flobots on my 2 with ten series….hey i need to do that again)