the walk of shame – poker isn’t easy

over the past year i have developed an addiction to poker. not sure how it happened…well yeah i do – i was invited to a home game and that was it. it was pretty much insto-addiction. sort of reminds me of why i played chess so much except that it’s more social and more popular. with chess it was difficult just finding people that could play at an amateur level.

if i could get a poker sponsor i would move to vegas for a while and just play tournaments and cash games for a year. the combination of psychology, skill, luck and cash appeal to my senses in a surprisingly wonderful way. it’s like taking your brain to the gym.

anyway, last night i was invited to a game in la. 2 russian dudes cleaned me out. for some reason i wasn’t that bummed out when i walked back to my car. overall i learned a few things about my play which will end up making me better in the long run. it’s all about decisions…you have no one to blame but yourself…not even the cards.

if anyone knows of any good home games drop me a line. i’m down.

pictured above is a friend of mine, andrew cohen, who used to bartend at my favorite bar in la. he moved to vegas 7 years ago and is now a pro – how great is that? he sort of looks like pacino a little bit.

seriously would love to be a professional poker player — sometimes even more so than anything else. one day …. i’m gonna go buy some sunglasses this week.