hotel cafe show the other night

oh wow, west indian girl played a show on sunday…i almost forgot it happened so fast (that’s what she said). sunday night at 11:00 pm isnt exactly the best time for people to come out but it turned out to not suck. we played this show for our front of house sound man adam. it was his birthday and his last night working at the hc. adam really wanted us to be the last band he mixed there –sort of touching in a way. in sort of an ironic twist it happened to be the first time we ever played there. i actually liked it wayyyyy more than i thought it would.

in my opinion, hotel cafe is a singer songwriter mecca and it’s no big newsflash that i have a personal boredom issue attached to having to sit through any type of singer songwriter. just not my thing…like fingernails on the chalk board…cant get into it. ugggg remember largo? one of the only places people would actually get mad at u for talking while some noodle is singer songwritering. no…that’s not a typo. singer songwritering is a word.

our show…it was good although there were brief moments when i wasnt exactly sure who i was up on stage with. they were all good though. hahah. jesper and i play quite well together. jesper likes ants and so do i. highlights of the night would be a few things:
not having to bring a bass amp
their back line sounds amazing
having dino and dylan there
no hassles from anyone that worked at the club
playing northern sky for the first time in years. the version we came up with was really good. i havent felt that good playing a west indian girl song in a long time
parking…not so much

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  1. Extremis says:

    I really really really really wish I could have been there for this show…

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