documentaries about things that will ruin ur life – role playing and cocaine

Second Skin 2008 Trailer | Documentary

a friend of mine recommended a couple of docs to watch the other day and i must say….good call. yes – these both came out a few years ago but i had never heard of them so maybe u havent either. the first was second skin. not sure how many of u guys have ever dabbled in the world online role playing games but this one was an eye opener. it was neither pro nor con and after watching it im glad that the directors didnt paint it as such a negative thing. for some people this works – just like everything in life moderation is the operative word. everything in moderation…even moderation.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami Documentary Series Trailer

the second doc was called cocaine cowboys. this was about the rise of the cocaine industry in miami. i think i enjoyed this one a bit better just because i learned about what really happened rather than relying on scarface for the story. real life is stranger than fiction. totally worth netflixing before u go to bed. a sequel called cocaine cowboys 2 was equally entertaining and in some ways more bizarre. watch it and learn about coke, oakland and the godmother.

2 thoughts on “documentaries about things that will ruin ur life – role playing and cocaine

  1. CHALKMAZE says:

    These were both pretty interesting. I played Second Life for a while and met people who fit the Second Skin mold, perhaps I could even relate a little bit myself. Like you say Fran, it works for some people, but moderation is indeed the keyword.

    Cocaine Cowboys was interesting, I never pictured that the industry was so rogue and unmonitored, that the cashflow from it built Miami the way it did. I get my taxes slightly wrong and the IRS are all over me, these people hardly got messed with. It really did remind me of the wild west where just about anything was allowed.

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