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call me the ahole that u will but i liked “the girl with the dragon tattoo” way better than “inception”. not by much but by a little bit and that’s what counts. inception fit together a bit too nicely for my taste and in the end gave you that “was it all just a dream/hollywood” ending…in a way that bladerunner never did. blade runner didnt shove (what could be considered) that same kind of ending scene mystery down ur throat. yes, the topic for inception was awesome but i think in the quest to be a blockbuster they had to err on the side of making things (however insanely complex they might be) all come out ok. i knew i was over it when they ended up storming the snow castle/fort. i actually said to myself..” is this over yet cos i think i saw this scene in almost every james bond film made. i was getting restless, but hey…it was a quick 2+hours.

oh well, maybe it’s all about expectations. u know what they say about those. maybe im a sucker for foreign films…i did schedule an italian cinema class directly on top of my econ class when i was in college. hmpf, anyway…i got a chance to see tgw/tdt yesterday night and i loved it. like inception, it also tied together a bit too nicely at the end but overall it definitely had more grit to it. i was more involved with the characters than in inception. inception didnt really allow for anything but forced development of the main character. at least in Larsson’s movie which even has a better title in swedish “men who hate women” i got more than a cursory glimpse into the leads. just as with another swedish film “let the right one in” i was left really really happy that films like this get made in other countries. unfortunately hollywood is going to make american versions of both films. wow…that’s gonna suk cos the subtlety of both films will surely will be sucked out like a the high fructose corn syrup in all our big gulps. gross.

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  1. Laura says:

    Noomi Rapace was incredible in all three of the Larsson films…I don’t think the American remake will take the chance and put someone like her in Lisbeth’s role. Lisbeth’s adult life as a woman was making herself as unfeminine and as unappealing as possible. Hard, tattooed, pierced and almost mute. American films seem to cater to the less creative…everything has to be pretty, overt and explained…pimping to the base.

  2. dylan says:

    Sorry, Fran, just to clarify, do you dislike the “Inception” ending because it’s ambiguous, because it’s happy, or because it’s a dream?

    You mentioned Blade Runner, which has an unambiguous ending. What would you have liked to see in “Inception”?

  3. sweets says:

    hey ahole, good point inception did all fit in too perfectly but still I was very entertained and that’s what movies are for no? girl with dragon tattoo was just too intense for me.
    Dylan: did u read the idea of how Ellen page’s character was hired by leo’s dad to get him out of the dream? thoughts on that??

  4. dylan says:

    I didn’t read something online and just digest it unconditionally. The evidence and logic are foolproof and essentially closed to debate or speculation. Give me a little more credit than that.

    I think Favre will return, as well. Even if his ankle isn’t 100%, he loves the game too much to stay away. And especially with a great team like the Vikings.

    I think the Vikings will lose to the Saints. Not to diss the Vikings or anything, I have no negative feelings towards the team. I just think that since they’re playing in New Orleans and the Saints are still considered the top NFC team they’ll be able to beat Minnesota (but it’ll be a good game). Then again, the Vikings are still fuming over that loss so maybe the anger will help them. I have no strong feelings about whether or not they’ll beat the Packers twice. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, but my suspicion is that they’ll win once and lose once. It’d be cool to see them meet in the 2011 NFC Championship Game. That’d be good football.

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  5. fran says:

    dont believe everything u read online dylan….the end is so lame and so hollywood. happy endings are only good at massage parlors – remember that when u so horny. as far as brett farve goes….he’s coming back and the vikes will beat the saints in week one and beat the packers twice again this year. have u seen both the movies i mentioned? you should?

  6. dylan says:

    ************************ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT SORRRRRY************

    When I saw “Inception”, I was upset with the ending as well. In a way, if it ends with Cobb still in a dream, that’s almost *more* predictable, even though from a movie-making perspective you could call it a twist. But then I thought about it some more and read some stuff online about the ending.

    It’s not a dream. Definitively.

    I won’t launch into the whole explanation but it’s a happy ending, which I think makes the film stronger.

    We can argue about it over the phone. We should also talk about Brett Favre. And how much I like Aaron Rodgers. Big hug.

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