loud guitars and #84

these two things made my week.

1. jamming in a band that had 3 guitars…the new version of the bangkok five is going to be fun. it’s always a nice thing walking into a room of musicians that are fun to be around.

2. the fact that the patriots might trade randy moss back to the vikings. that would be like when the giants traded back fran tarkenton to the vikings.

i havent been posting much lately as i’ve been on a spiritual journey…as well as working on my golf game

4 thoughts on “loud guitars and #84

  1. Chal says:

    Almost called 911 on you… again… Glad to see you alive.

  2. Nick DeBenedetto says:

    Welcome back Fran. I was about to gather a search party!

  3. karina says:

    unless that randy guy has a sister named kate, i really don’t care 😉
    post more about your journey.

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