wild salmon yum yum

every couple nights these 2 guys from the store next door to my place smoke cigars in the parking lot below. one of thm just got back from fishing in alaska and he gave me a huge piece of chinook. it was a pretty wonderful and glorious thing indeed. i brought it over my buddy sascha’s place cos he’s one of the biggest foodie friends i have – i figured he would make the most of this fish since he’s a much better cook than i. but…before i let him at it i ate a few pieces raw and it was pretty amazing – i could have ate it all raw and not complained a bit come to think of it. so here we have it. what ur looking at is this:

thomas keller’s cream corn – cayenne was the special flavor – loved the kick in the face this gave it
salmon – pan seared
asparagus with parsley water and chive oil.

sascha, u killed it. it was really f’n tasty but it was one of those meals where i made the mistake of stuffing myself and then wanting to puke cos i ate so much. sort of retroactively dampens the whole experience ya know. no wonder i usually eat like a bird. small portions = happy stomach.

salmon rushdie btw was married to padma lackshmi. i think she’s married to a billionaire from ny now – i think she also had a kid with one of the dell computer guys. wow – more support for the theorem..anything is possible with enough cash. don’t laugh – it’s true and u know it. what was that line in scarface..”first u get the money, then the power, then the women”. disagree?